About us

Oxyent (hereafter referred as “Company”) is an ISO 9001:2008 and DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) recognized company based in Delhi, India. The company’s development and R&D center is located at DLF Jasola, New Delhi. The company's framework and its components incorporating industry’s best practices along with specialized domain knowledge helps in achieving goals of medical system. The company is involved in healthcare sector in data analytics domain. Oxyent’s goal and vision was, and will always be, to solve/build affordable healthcare solutions addressing social concerns. Oxyent’s mindset focuses on global approach but it also realizes the importance of contributing to local market by fulfilling corporate social responsibility commitments. Our team consists of domain experts and a group of highly motivated analytical & software professionals who are dedicated to share the company’s value system and to push it to new heights.

What we do

1. Technology

State of art technology with focus on Analytics, IoT and Cloud Computing. Experience in product and services domain with proven track record with Net Scope, iADSS and iCHR.

2. People

Engineers with strong academic background more than 60% of team having degree of Masters and PhD in Software Engineering, Mathematics and Machine Learning. Our teams raise above individual skills to help customer meet last mile in translation of business requirement.

3. Domain

Advisory board and consultants comprise of best mind in Healthcare domain in India. Work with partners and experts in other domain across countries in Logistics, HR and Supply Chain.

Company Overview


Oxyent's executive team is composed of dedicated, forward-thinking industry leaders focused on building relationships with Oxyent's clients, partners and employees.

Chief Executive Officer Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet has attended Gurunanak Dev University, Amritsar for her Masters degree in Computer Engineering. Prior to that she has done Bachelor degree in Information and Technology from Gurunanak Dev University. She has handled several Software positions across Design, Development and QA related fields in USA and India. She was one of the founding members of Oxyent and delivered projects as Project Manager and Sr. Software Engineer. Now she is more involved in HR and Operational related matters in day to day running of company.

Favourite Quote "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi


Chief Technology Officer Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh has attended University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA (Research Assistant under Dr. Giulio Tononi) for his post graduation degree. Harpreet has handled several Software Positions across Design, Development and QA related fields in USA, Europe and India (at Intuit, BT Exact, HCL and McKinsey). Harpreet also holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology. Harpreet's PhD advisor is Dr. Samir Brahmachari, an eminent Indian scientist. Along with his industry commitments, Harpreet has published several articles in reputed journals including Science regarding application of Information Technology in field of Biomedical Engineering and Image Processing.

Advisory Team

Dr. Raghuram Mallaiah

Medical Advisor

Andreas Liebing

Technical Advisor

Dr. Giulio Tononi

Chief Scientist

Dr. Marcello Massimini

Chief Scientist

Dr. Reto Huber

Chief Scientist