EVUE provides interviewing,consulting and interacting solutions for two or more multi conferencing synchronous interactions As well as asynchronous query-response/ feedback interactions where the interacting parties may record and view the videos anytime any place .

EVUE is a very simple easy to use application with cutting edge internet communication technology compatible with smart phone , laptop ,tablets and notepad gadgets. Extra attention has been paid to ensure the app's adaptability to the internet speed of users to deliver high resolution video with matching audio clarity regardless of distance or connection type.

Coming from Oxyent Technologies , the prime emphasis is on high precision standards of medical and health sector. Therefore,simplicity, reliability, accuracy, security features are given the maximum priority. The product aims to simplify interactions and interviews bringing in the richness and naturalness of face to face interactions overcoming barriers of time, space and geography.

It is currently being deployed for patient –doctor and employee- organization interactions.